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A Better Choice for Students
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 Former State Assemblywoman who worked to better fund our schools and get teachers the pay they deserve. 

 Businesswoman experienced with leading organizations and managing budgets. Irene will safeguard our tax dollars and make sure our schools run efficiently and without waste. 

 With a professional background in Workforce Development, Irene helps students access alternatives to traditional college and secondary education.


Let’s work together to:

Student Achievement

Get back to basics. 

A concentration on reading and math growth ensures students are better equipped and trained for the workforce. 

Teacher and Staff Support

Support students and staff. 

To accelerate their success, students and professional staff need support services such as counseling and healthcare. 

Alternative Career Options

Increase access to alternative career options.

In partnership with local businesses and trades organizations, we must prepare students for success in any college or career path.

Get Involved.


Thanks so much! We will be in touch soon.

Southwest Las Vegas

Irene Bustamante Adams will bring experienced leadership and practical, real-world ideas to the Clark County School Board. Now more than ever, we need trustees who can think outside the box and provide new energy and ideas. 

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